Penguin: Find It In a Book

Penguin Publishers want to be known for more than just their children's books or classic reads. Their collections are diverse, and as such, they're a brand that help you discover, feel and broaden your perspective. I worked closely with the head of brand on the theme of 'discovery' to come up with a new tagline for Penguin, 'Find it all in a book', and did tone of voice work refining the Penguin tone and brand attributes for the in-house content team. An example of my brand manifesto is below.

Penguin: Discover a Book We Know They'll Love

I worked with Penguin Books on the launch of their social christmas campaign, which used unusual stats and playful copy to encourage book gifting to a range of consumers. I helped craft tongue-in-cheek copy that not only spoke to Penguin's heritage and authority in book publishing, but also guided consumers towards finding the perfect gift – no matter who was on their list.

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